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 Welcome, one and all, to my journal! It just occurred to me that I should probably make a masterpost of the fics I've written, since I went back to look for one of them and had difficulty finding it. So here we are. Sorted by fandom, then by pairing, then by rating.

     -In Which Jim Fails at Writing Love Letters (PG, <2000 words)
          Summary: Leonard isn't sure who keeps sending him these anonymous love letters, but whoever it is really has a lot to learn about the art of writing love letters.

     -Best Summer Days (PG-13, <4000 words)
          WARNINGS: Infidelity and a near-death experience.
          Summary: A year before the events of the movie, Leonard McCoy found himself in Riverside, Iowa, for a summer. These are the events of that summer.

     -The Eyes of Another (PG-13, <1000 words)
          Summary: No matter how many times Bones tries to look away, his eyes always wander across the club to find Jim's.

     -Light of the Moon (PG-13, <3000 words)
          WARNINGS: MAJOR CHARACTER DEATH. Suicide. Ghost!Jim. Angst with an alternate happy ending.
          Summary: Leonard doesn't believe the ghost stories on campus. Not until he is confronted with reality and falls in love with a ghost.

     -Every Time's a First Time (NC-17, <2000 words, HS AU)
          WARNING: student/school worker relationship (but the student is 18)
          Summary: Jim is a high school student who frequently gets injured. Leonard is the school's doctor. This is the tale of a visit to the doctor's office.

     -Immortality (NC-17, <2000 words, STXI/Doom crossover)
          WARNING: vampire!Jim who bites during sex.
          Summary: When Bones sat down next to Jim on the shuttle, Jim knew it would be hard to resist him. He just had no idea exactly how hard it would be.

     -Inappropriate Thoughts (NC-17, <3000 words)
          WARNING: Semi-public sex.
          Summary: Jim finds some rather dirty songs on Bones' PADD. He can't help wondering about it.

     -Office Hours (NC-17, <2000 words, college AU)
          WARNING: Professor/TA relationship.
          Summary: Professor Kirk gets taken care of by his very attractive TA.

     -Perfect (NC-17, <4000 words)
          WARNING: Genderswap.
          Summary: Lena McCoy is decidedly nervous about moving their relationship to the next level. Jim takes care of her. Long slow loving ensues.

     -Sensitivity (NC-17, <3000 words)
          Summary: Leonard wonders why Jim reacts so strongly to hyposprays, leading to shameless exploration of Jim's sensitive neck.

     -Waking Up Dreaming (NC-17, ~1000 words)
          Summary: Looking up at the stars leads to seeing stars that aren't there. Except not.

     -What Happiness Is (NC-17, <1000 words, STXI/Xena crossover, Cupid!Bones)
          Summary: Jim is mad at Bones. No, really. He is. Most definitely. But he also really wants him. It's all Bones' fault.

     -Convince the Heart (PG, <2000 words)
          Summary: Jim and Spock have a disagreement on the application of logic to personal relationships.

     -The Dawn Has Come (PG, <1000 words)
          Summary: The time has come to act. But what is worth the action Hermione is about to take?


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